On Location

Sunday, January 3, 2021

“There is one thing the photograph must contain, the humanity of the moment.”

—Robert Frank

We see photography and film making as an extension of the Brand identities we build. We believe in creating beautiful, emotion-driven work that resonates. Here is a selection of our highlights from 2020.


Élu is a contemporary perfume house, creating scents with heart and integrity. Their family-owned fragrance house has been creating parfums since 1779 and continues to embody the savoir-faire passed down for generations. We shot the brand campaign in the heart of Provence. Our location of choice- a Provençal mansion, in the centre of the medieval walled city of Avignon. The location itself was drenched in nostalgia, providing the perfect background for a campaign inspired to unlock memories and act as a gentle reminder to live life fully.



A brand that redefines the ideas surrounding bridal party gifting; based on the principles of friendship, sisterhood, confidence, originality, and kindness. We have partnered with Gigi & Olive from concept to completion and have since worked on ongoing seasonal campaigns to support the brands growth. Art directed and shot in London and Barcelona, the imagery breathes life into this forward-thinking business; whilst promoting a desire for a fun-filled lifestyle.



We created a luxurious Christmas campaign that invites us to indulge in the frivolous nature of festivities with an emporium of gifts difficult to say no to. Featuring our very own hand-drawn patterns for Christmas wrapping & stationery.


A socially conscious fragrance house, Sana Jardin is a luxurious sustainable brand with a vision to use perfume as a vehicle for social impact and the economic empowerment of women. We styled and shot a Summer campaign for Sana Jardin’s core collection. Inspired by the prevalence of sandalwood burned in Indian temples, the campaign drew on the rich, woody elements, evoking a unique and memorable sense of warmth.


A campaign inspired by lazy days in the Mediterranean. Art directed, styled, and shot to showcase the luxurious and desirable nature of the brand, offering an invitation to indulge in fun-filled summer moments.


Paravel are purveyors of premium, sustainable luggage. Location hunting was paramount to support their brand ethos, selecting luxurious locations in the Mediterranean helped to represent exceptional performance, timeless design, and forward-thinking sustainability.


The shoot tells a whimsical and nostalgic story, captures the spirit of youthfulness and the effortless quality of the collection. Shot in the Spanish countryside, the shoot captures a romantic charm of summers gone by and anticipation for Summers to come.


Gold has played a unique role in humanity. Transposing declarations of love, recognition, and appreciation into the eternity of jewellery. Each piece narrating a moment of happiness, individuality, or love to galvanise the artistic and spiritual life of its wearers. A rich narrative of natural elements is communicated through romantic, intimate photography. Capturing purity, authenticity, and the connection in everlasting bonds.

      • We are utterly stunned with delight. It’s beyond anything we ever imagined - your talent isn’t from this world

        • Heather and Isabel

      • I came across Stories Studio on Instagram, I loved the look of what they were doing, the brands that they had aligned themselves with and the work they had created. I thought I would find it difficult to hand over my idea to someone else to bring it to life, but it was the best decision choosing this team to do that.

        Everything Stories Studio has worked on for my brand has been totally considered, carefully thought out, and really beautiful. They are so much more than a typical agency, bringing together perfectly my vision in design, photography and complete branding. I am so proud to be able to show people what my brand will look like, and that's a truly rewarding feeling.

        It can also be an emotional or lonely place starting up a company by yourself and so to be able to have like-minded women helping you navigate your thoughts on the brand you're all building is also incredible. I'm very grateful to the whole team.

        • Georgie Le Roux

      • I met stories studio when we were both getting started with our own ventures. From our first chat, we knew there was special chemistry and we knew we could help each other grow our businesses as partners. They cared for MILANER as if it was their own, and I’ll be forever grateful for the incredible ride we've together.

        • Elisa Rossi

      • Thank you for being such an amazing partner, for the fast turnaround and for making this all happen!

        • Roman Khan & Jennifer Chong