“Sober-curiosity, once a wellness buzzword, is officially a movement: A 2019 report found that 52 percent of adults were trying to reduce their alcohol intake.”

– Vogue

When having more than you need is no longer aspirational, less really is more. Menos encourages people to live more through drinking less and focuses on positive outcomes for one’s health, relationships, finances and more. Menos is a new way to mark a moment & spark a conversation, for the nights you need to celebrate but still conquer tomorrow.

Our Brief:

To create a premium and considered brand identity for Menos that is unique within the non-alcoholic spirit space. To create a visual identity for the brand and packaging that communicates quality, integrity and considers environmental and social impacts. Through the creation of a beautiful brand identity, we aim to position Menos as a highly desirable tequila alternative.

Direction No.1


A joyful expression of modern luxury. This concept forms the basis of the packaging design and campaign identity. The label itself finds equilibrium between being authoritative and jubilant, with the heritage mark and serif type subverted with golden yellow colour blocking. The campaign collateral is just as vibrant, witty and memorable.

Direction No.2

Less is more

Tequila is a transparent liquid symbolic of the bold and brave who choose not to hide behind alcohol. This design evokes a return to simplicity and clarity. Bold sans-serif letterforms are implored to create a design that offers eye-catching immediacy and timelessness. Whilst there is an absence of stylistic detail and colour, a snake marque acts as a nod to Menos’s Mexican heritage.

Direction No.3


This design celebrates transcendence, energy and revitalisation. It aims to promote wellness from within, its modestly earthy colour pallet roots the identity in nature. The ingredients have become the main focal point of the design, creating a brand that feels established and artisan. Whilst handwritten elements and pinked edges add a looser dimension to the identity, creating the feeling that the bottle has just been unearthed from the ground.

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