World Environment Day was created to encourage worldwide awareness of the issues affecting our environment and the actions we can take to protect it. We want to take this opportunity to share with you all the ways in which brands can choose sustainability and the questions you can ask yourself about products you consume. The brands we work with share our passion for creating positive changes in day-to-day life and larger society.

This post is brought to you in Collaboration with our client Oerum Jewellery, a mission driven company to make sustainability the new normal. .

“Every time you spend money, you’re casting a vote for the kind of world you want.”— ANNA LAPPE


Where does the product derive from ?

Oerum’s Jewellery is made from 18K gold. Gold is a rare and precious metal that will forever hold its value, no matter how many times it is melted down and reused. Gold mined 100 years ago is the same as gold mined today. Oerum uses recycled gold because they don’t want to unnecessarily contribute towards the social and environmental impacts of mining it, with particular concern for the wellbeing of the miners themselves. The brand focus is on purity, authenticity, and the reinterpretation of wearable luxury pieces.


Who is involved in the production of your products?

Oerum’s products are handmade in the quaint town of Córdoba in Spain, where skilled artisans pour three generations of passion and experience into each made to order piece. Producing each item with such consideration and intention generates a very small footprint, eliminating any unnecessary waste or harm to the environment.


Will These products stand the test of time ?

Longevity is the key to a consciously curated wardrobe or home. If products that are made to last and will remain stylish beyond the current season’s trend, that’s your green light.

Oerum’s pieces are timeless by nature and design, the jewellery is not seasonal but made to last a lifetime. From recycled gold, to eco-friendly packaging made from recycled and biodegradable materials faithful to a sustainable view of life.


What is the product packaging experience like?

Whilst elaborate packaging may look pretty, it can often have a fairly ugly effect on the environment. Oerum emphasises the point that they wouldn’t be able to call themselves a sustainable company without following it through in all areas of the business. Their packaging and stationery has therefore been carefully designed and considered to only include what is absolutely necessary; back to basics without losing the finesse of a luxury look and feel. Everything is made from recycled and biodegradable materials that can be recycled or reused again once received.


Do the brands you invest in, give back ?

Make sure the brands you invest in give back. Nature is what gives our work purpose and drives our mission. Oerum is part of an initiative to plant trees all around the world with ‘Trees for All’.

‘We want to pass on a green and healthy planet and make people aware of the products they buy; making a difference wherever we can. Because we believe there is an unbreakable bond between the material from which something is made and the time that is enclosed within it which is so special’

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‘Let it be, a reminder of our roots, to work with materials, that were once created by nature, that exist only because so many elements, were right for it to form, carefully crafted into something new Let it be, a reminder of where it all began, to the balance of nature, the water, air, trees and soil, to the sunshine and the night sky, to the universe, that always was and always will be, the world’s magic that is right here in front of our eyes’. – Oerum