For those of you who have been following us over on Stories Instagram – you may have noticed (it’s actually probably more difficult to ignore with the amount of photo spam we have subjected you to!) that we, as the true digital nomads we are, recently ventured over to the white isle to set up camp and create our own little office here. Of course, Ibiza is known for many things, but the air of creativity and magic that is often spoken about is definitely something that we have been able to experience first hand.

After long days working we feel so incredibly grateful that we have the ocean on our doorstep. It has become a little routine of ours post-work to try to make the most of it. So, more often than not, as we close our laptops on the working day (sometimes just before we miss the sunset) we pack up our picnic essentials (in a very aesthetically pleasing basket…and not forgetting the corkscrew) we head to our favourite spots on the island to watch the sun go down.

Since we have made beach picnics a consistent feature in our life, we feel it has given us a solid and well-earned foundation to pass on these recommendations to you guys.

So, with no further ado – let’s explore the perfect sunset spots on the island, shall we? Oh…and don’t forget to bring a bottle…

Ses Salines

One of our favourites and probably most-frequented beaches! Its the closest spot to our house so we often pick up a cheeky pizza for the road and it doesn’t go to cold (before we’ve taken 127 photo’s of it anyway). And if you forget to pack your picnic or pop by the take away, you can always pop into El Chringuito the most amazing beach restaurant to sample their beach rosé or pasta al norma – our all time favourite combination.

Es Vedra

If you have looked into Ibiza at all, you will probably already have seen copious amounts of posts on Es Vedra – it really is one of the talking points of the island. They say there is something so magnetic about the rock, which in all honesty, we can feel when we are at the viewpoint watching the sun go down. We won’t talk about the occasion when our punnet of tomatoes steamrolled down the hill for all Es Vedra viewers to witness though…

Cala Xuclar

For those times where you may not have the time (or energy) to pack your own picnic – then this beach is ideal as it hosts it’s very own beach hut bar and word on the street is that they sell the best pina coladas for you to take on the beach …not that we would know, of course…

Cala Xarraca

A beach that we had found in an Ibiza handbook. Venturing into the north to explore beaches is definitely worth doing whilst on the island. Not only is the drive so incredibly picturesque – but you negate having to fight for a spot on the smaller more popular beaches. More sand-space equally means more space to spread your beach blanket and crack open that cooler box…

Cala Comte 

Another perfect sunset spot surrounded by rocky cliffs and crystal clear water on the west coast of the island – this ticks all of the picnic boxes. It is always filled with sunset watchers gathering at Sunset Ashram – so get there in the afternoon to settle in with your bottle…

So there it is – some of our favourite spots to settle in on the island. Let us know if you are familiar with any of them or if you have any recommendations for us, we are always open to a new reason to pack up our picnics and explore.