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Barcelona City Guide.

  • 20.04.2018

by Emily Cox

Leaving Portugal felt somewhat bittersweet. Saying farewell to the tiled cities that had filled our minds with inspiration, our glasses with vino verde and our memory cards full to the brim felt bitter. But, already in our hearts, Barcelona, felt sweet, as if we were returning to a piece of home. (after countless previous trips)

Culture, style, harmony. Just like Lisbon and Porto, Barcelona graciously achieves to cater for the modern world whilst ensuring that the new blends perfectly with the old. We were very far from ticking-off everything on our ‘eat/take photos of/drink/shop’ list. So, naturally we will be retuning. But, we did manage to wine and dine our way through our time there, and have plenty to share. So, if you’re planning a trip to Barcelona, which we recommend you do, be sure to treat your taste buds to these delightful places. They will not disappoint.


Situated on the beach front, beneath SoHo house and with locations in London, Miami and West Hollywood, this modern-day classic was destined to impress. As most of our restaurant love affairs go – we entered for a pre-dinner drink and left hours later… apres dinner, drinks and of course, a successful content creation mission.

We perched upon the high bar stools, sipping freshly made cocktails (whichever Emily felt was most grid-worthy). The bar staff were very welcoming, introducing us to our favourite part – the nibbles menu. After two pizzas, copious olives and other sensational treats, it’s safe to say we did more than nibble.

Flax and Kale

Above H&M, lies the answer to all your vegan dreams. The juices, the salads, the Thai curry’s. So fresh, so tasty, so worth the visit. This is also the perfect workspace, for those looking for somewhere to work remotely. We highly recommend their ‘Virus Killer’ juice by Theresa’s Juicey – it was delicious. And, some free but valuable advice. If you, like us, decide to take out for dinner. Be sure to ask for two bags… or else your beautiful rainbow salad will end up littered down Las Ramblas. A big fail, that resulted in a hasty pizza order.

Surf House

Serving up possibly the best burgers in Barcelona? Perfect for a casual beachfront lunch, quality food and cocktails. The nachos, were a definite highlight – an essential part to any gourmet menu, right? Although we both agree that eating tapas could never get old, burger and chips was a welcoming site.

Brunch and cake

Here you will be served a brunch like no other. A brunch that, any ‘doing it for the gram’ millennial would describe as extra. Those green, fluffy, circular patty’s you see below, they are pancakes. And, yes – they were incredible. Another great find for our vegan and/or health conscious friends. Like all places we go, the interior is photo worthy and as for the terrace, there’s not much that beats brunching by the sea.

Pez Vela

We spent a large chunk of our last day here. We sat our dreary selves down, feeling slightly deflated and perhaps a little anxious too, about our imminent return to normality. The interior was, well, Pinterest. And, although we didn’t get to sample – we were told it is the place to go for paella. If you fancy resting your feet, with a good bottle of vino whilst looking out upon the great vistas of Barcelona, mountains, beach and all. This is the spot.

El Nacional

An emblematic place, full of history with enough food choices to reduce any indecisive sole to tears. The large windows and metal pillars give EL Nacional a unique charm. Like so many places we visited, it was a challenge to truly capture it’s beauty. We especially loved their powder room, tres chic and the perfect place for a photograph (we actually queued to take this photograph…). We enjoyed a couple of drinks there one evening, and loved it so much we ventured back for our last supper. Definitely one to put on your list.