Today is a very special day for us, as we are so excited to finally share with you; Audrey Leighton Vintage, a once monthly vintage collection curated by Audrey Leighton.

“To curate rather than to shop – is a belief I’ve long loved when it comes to our wardrobes as women. To carefully consider and construct the story we’d like our clothes to tell. I’ve always said, ‘clothing is poetry in motion’. Good style takes time. And the pieces you deserve to be wearing? Those are hard to find. And so, it was based on these sartorial ideas, I decided to launch Audrey Leighton Vintage, a once monthly curated collection of vintage treasures. To collect and cherish for years and years and to be worn over and over again.  I cannot wait to see the narratives you’ll live in these treasures of mine.”

Audrey Leighton.

Back in August,  Audrey had visited us in Ibiza where we spent the summer living with in the walled city of D’alt vila. We spent the weekend sipping rose by the sea and the evenings on the cobbled streets of the old town inhaling pasta and discussing our dreams for the future; Audrey Leighton Vintage being one of them. Fast forward three months and here we are, the official launching of Audrey’s incredible collection and we are so proud and honoured that we could be a part its creation.

“personal style is a language we wear everyday, the very stories that cover our skin are endlessly fascinating to me – I hope our collections here will be rich of narrative, both past, present and leaving the next part of the tale up to you – how you’ll wear the pieces, what you’ll do and see in them is what probably excites me the most of all. Everything has a story, it’s just up to us to live and express as many of them as we can.”

Audrey Leighton.

A brand is experienced in many ways and should evoke feelings, thoughts and behaviours.  We created multiple touch points to tell Audrey’s story;  a poet, a photographer and a true artist. We wanted the customers of Audrey Leighton vintage to experience her talents with every purchase. So we designed an experience to include; a printed a set of polaroids & a mini enveloped letter containing Audrey’s beautiful narrative behind the collection. Signed with a hand written script to covey the hand picked nature of each and every piece. We hope these elements will be treasured alongside the outstanding collection.

At our last meeting/dinner where we all appear to look like we’ve stepped out of some old casino film – we joked that Audrey would be sat by candlelight, sipping wine, surrounded in piles of books sealing each individual package with melted wax and signing them with a feather quill. We are still very much hoping for this to become a reality.

‘Poetry isn’t confined to lines in a verse, everything in life contains poetry, its simply up to us to discover it, and once we start looking, we find it in multitudes. The. Very textures that cover our bodies are certainly a source of poetic power, one we as women honour everyday from the moment we wake up and open our closets. And isn’t that a simple but beautiful ritual’

Audrey Leighton.

This has been one of our favourite projects that we have worked on to date. Audrey’s outlook on fashion and life, in general, is truly special and that is definitely what the brand breathes. We were able to work with Audrey to carve out her very own brand world, and within it, is a whole lot of magic So, we urge you to fully immerse yourself in Audrey Leighton Vintage, the stories it holds and the special treasures that are a part of it. We hope you love the brand as much as we do.