As the cooler breeze of September edged ever closer, we spent the afternoon transforming a sun-drenched rooftop of Barcelona into an outdoor bar worthy of a spot on the Côte d’Azur. It was a special project to conclude the summer; a brief with our longstanding client 44N Gin to capture their unique cocktail series.

Comte de Grasse

44N Gin is part of the Comte de Grasse family in the stunning Côte d’Azur, France. 44N gin has gracefully mastered the art of combining traditional craftsmanship with cutting-edge distillation techniques to reinvent the concept of luxury spirits. The brand is home to majestic perfume distillery that dates back to 1820 and traditional distilling methods meld with technologically enhanced extraction techniques.

A Summer Partnership

We took a two-pronged approach to their Summer 2021 cocktail campaign, juxtapositioning the core brand pillars of scientific mixology and art. We worked closely with a London-based mixologist whose expertise and unique taste buds led to the creation of 44NGin’s very own summer cocktail series. Partnering with a rising chef, we were also able to bring a touch of French aperitivo to the campaign.

Join us in a salute to Summer 21 by recreating our favourites below…

Cocktail 01: Foam and waves

Fluffy, tart but with a kick, this adaptation of a Gin Sour plays on the harmony between simple flavours with a touch of Asian citrus to recall the origins of some of the botanicals in the balanced blend. Verjus substitutes the citrus juice to add sharpness and a refreshing sensation, apple juice binds them all together


50ml 44°N Gin | 20ml Golden Delicious apple juice | 10ml Enamor French Yuzu Liqueur | 10ml Verjus du Perigord | 1 egg white

How to make

Dry shake then shake in a two-piece shaker with lots of ice, double strain in a round Champagne coupe to create that amazing foam layer, garnishing with a sprinkle of lavender or mimosa or a pinch of berry powder

Colour: Cloudy yellow and a white foam

Foodpairing: Nougat dessert

Cocktail 02: Spritz Provençal

An all-French aperitif drink, lower in abv for you to enjoy one or many. Substituting the Italian Prosecco for an 18 apples varieties blend cider whose tartness and bubbles dances with the unique floral bouquet of44°NGin, alongside vegetal fig leaf from the liqueur that lifts up the more citrusy and woody notes from Verbena and Cade


35ml 44°N Gin | 15mlAudemus Covert liqueur | 75ml Sassy La Sulfureuse Cidre

How to make

Build in a stemmed wine coupe over clear ice. Add all ingredients and garnish with a sprig of verbena or mint and a slice of orange.

Foodpairing: a selection of soft and mild aged cheeses and charcuterie

Cocktail 03: Sand & Stone

A triumph of flavours that elevate the floral gin base through bittersweet, fresh and rich berry tones


50ml 44°N Gin | 25ml La Quintinye Red Vermouth | 10ml Gabriel Boudier creme De Cassis De Dijon | 1/4 – 30ml hand-squeezed pink grapefruit | 1/2 hand-squeezed lemon | 1 slice of cucumber

How to make

Hard shaking creates a fluffy texture and a deep red hue as well as aerating the drink to open up its fragrant bouquet.

Shake in a three-piece shaker and fine strain in a rocks glass with a clear ice cube, garnish with red/blackcurrants.

-Colour: Deep pink-red hue, lightly foamy

Foodpairing: Tapenade croutons, savoury bites

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