2018 has been a magical year for us, and it fills us with SO much happiness to be able to bring to you this gift guide, full of brands that we’ve either created, or created for. (Okay it’s December now, so we’re allowed to be soppy, right?)

By working closely with these lovely brands, we can guarantee that these pieces would make the perfect gift for your loved ones.

But it doesn’t stop there… You can also extend the warm and fuzzy feeling of gifting by shopping independent this Christmas and rewarding all the hard work that these ladies have been through to create some truly magical offerings.

Oh and the cherry on the gifting guide cake – the discount codes! We’ve been able to get our hands on some exclusive codes for you lovely blog readers, to make gift-buying that little bit easier this year.

If we’re a bit late to the game and you’ve already done all your Christmas shopping  A) well done you, you’re way ahead of us!  and B) we are sure these will all make great presents for you, so treat yo self…

Ok  So – Let’s get glam..

If you or your loved ones like getting dressed up as much as we do,  you’re in for a treat with these brands! If you’re all shopped out for others at this point, then we are sure this section will come in incredibly useful over the ~party season~ too!

 Orelia Jewellery.

Their variety is incredible and the detail in their pieces are so intricate (not to mention their insane quality!). They have the perfect mix of delicate and bold – so you really can’t go wrong! We were lucky enough to shoot multiple collections for Orelia, meaning that we really got to road-test the versatility and quality in the pieces. We will definitely be sharing these pieces with our loved ones this Chrismtas.

Collette & Louisa have kindly set up a discount code for you guys, So use code  STORIES20 for 20% off your order!

shop Orelia here 

 Rock n Rose 

Another one of our jewellery favourites is Rock N Rose, a destination for the dreamers and the lovers. Founders, designers, sisters and BFFs Jess and Emily Jane Lathan are the creative minds behind Rock N Rose. Not only are their pieces gorgeous, but the quality can stand the test of time.

Emily & Jess have kindly set up a discount code for you guys, So use code STORIESGIRLS for 10% off your order!

shop Rock n Rose here 

 Audrey Leighton Vintage

So if you really want to impress someone with a truly special and unique gift – you may want to consider a piece from Audrey Leighton vintage – a once monthly vintage collection. The collection features one of a kind treasures with everything from vintage Chanel pendants, to oversized knitwear. If you’re interested you’ll need to save the 7th of December in your diary, which is when the next collection is released, as the last one sold out within 24 hours! 

(Not to mention these pieces come with an incredible un-boxing experience designed by yours truly – which really does make for an extra special gift) 

Audrey has kindly set up a discount code for you guys, So use code ALVstories for 10% off your order!

Shop Audrey Leighton vintage here.

Home is where the heart is.

And the cushions, and the lamps and the jewellery holders…

The Little Deer

Little Deer is a small company based in Brighton, UK. They Specialise in industrial interiors for your home, studio or shop. Most of the items they design and make themselves in their very own little workshop!

We have been obsessed with The Little Deer for a while now, and pretty much ALL of our favourite pieces in our apartment/studio are from these guys. We always say the devils in the details and with home decor it really is – we’ve been curating corner by corner of the studio with these little gems. *Cough* – studio tour coming soon.

If you’re now wondering what to do with all that jewellery that we just guided you into purchasing – what could make a better accompanying gift than these gorgeous jewellery boxes? The Little Deer have a number of beautiful solutions to store and display jewellery, which could fit under multiple trees with ease.

Jade has kindly set up a discount code for you guys, So use code STORIES20 for 20% off your order!

shop little deer here.

 Laith and Leila

If like us you’re a little bit obsessed with all things morrocan, Laith and Leila is a perfect choice to bring a little magic into your home! We worked with Laith and Leila on these gorgeous symbols for their latest homeware collection. Their pieces are inspired by the desert landscape, berber tribes, saharan palette of sand dunes, rust copper, golden ochres, terracotta and dusky peaches – this collection is for the barefoot nomadic soul. Earthy tones to compliment any style home, sumptuous fabrics and textures, beautiful local craftsmanship and unique berber symbols weaved throughout the collection – what more could you want in a gift?

Amy has kindly set up a discount code for you guys, So use code STORIES20 for 20% off your order!

shop laith and leila here

The Olivia Collective

Since moving to Barcelona, we’ve worked alongside Olivia on a number of projects and she’s recently released her first collection of stunning prints. The Olivia Collective  Captivated by the whimsical & minimalistic aspects of life.

Olivia has offered up a discount code for you guys, to help a little with purchasing your gifts this Christmas. So use code STORIES for 10% off your order!

shop The Olivia Collective here

Mind, Body, Spirit.

Promote relaxation, a mindful state of being, and have a positive impact on the giftee’s life (even just in some small way).

Holy Grail

We thought we’d bring this very special brand that we’ve been busy creating from concept to completion to your attention. Holy Grail is a collection of highly effective scientific formulations, made up of 70% organic bases, the formulas are intentional, meticulous and transparent.  We’ve been using it ourselves all year and have become obsessed – and not to mention the amazing results we have seen to our skin. We can’t wait to share it with you in January (plus the packaging is pretty gorgeous if we do say so ourselves).

Alicia has kindly set up a discount code for you guys, So use code STORIES for 15% off your order!Now available to pre-order – here!
Squats not Sweeties

We all love a little indulgence over the festive period, and we all make a promise to commit to that post-Christmas detox. If you’re going to do it, you might as well do it in style, right?  Not only do Squats not Sweeties offer up a gorgeous selection of activewear in three varying colours (which also compliment each other when mixed and matched!) – but they are also tried and tested as squat proof! Trust us, we were really put through our paces on their shoot last August!

Charlotte has kindly set up a discount code for you guys, So use code STORIES20 for 20% off your order!

Shop Squats not sweeties here


Does anyone else get excited over new stationery? We definitely do! Emily worked closely alongside Carina (Ponderlily’s founder) early last year to bring this beautiful piece of stationery to life; meticulously designed to prompt you to dream fearlessly, set meaningful intentions, and take bold actions pursue and seize the things that matter most to you. What better way to kick the year off? The addition of inspiring quotes throughout the diary really does make it the perfect present and also doubles up as a great Instagram prop!

Carina has kindly set up a discount code for you guys, So use code 25STORIES for 25% off your order!

Shop Ponderlily here.

Wine & dine.

What is Christmas without a little bit of fizz? A gift that you can guarantee that will go down well (quite literally!). The festive period gives us the perfect opportunity to pop a bottle (or two) and it always bodes well when you show up with one in hand!

Hattingley Valley Wines.

This family-owned business located in Hampshire specialises in premium English sparkling wines – the perfect combination for a classic English gift. We were fortunate enough to taste test whilst shooting their bottles in the summer, our personal favourite? Has to be the rosé!

shop Hattingley Valley wines here.


We literally spent our whole summer drinking Berlucchi (see more here). The taste is truly special and something we have definitely become accustomed to – it’s cheaper than champagne but tastes just as good and will definitely be a part of our celebrations this season.  Produced from grapes grown within the boundaries of the territory of Franciacorta, on the hills located between the southern shore of Lake Iseo and the city of Brescia.  Our favourite bottle was BERLUCCHI ’61 BRUT which had a perfect gold bottle which would sit nicely on any festive table.  This is a heavenly blend of Chardonnay (90%) and Pinot Nero (10%), which is aged in the bottle for at least 24 months.

The company ethos is definitely one we can get on board with; to realise new achievements, one must have faith in one’s dreams and work hard to bring them to fruition, treasuring the lessons from the past, but gazing fearlessly towards the future.

Buy Berlucchi here 


The perfect stocking filler – With only 5 ingredients, CHAM contains up to 50% less sugar, carbohydrates and calories than traditional jams and is a source of fibre. It actually doesn’t contain enough sugar to be called a jam! CHAM is gluten free and vegan friendly. Most importantly? It’s even tastier than the original jams! Available in 3 flavours: Strawberry, Raspberry & Blueberry.

 Make an effort to shop local.

Aswell as all the amazing brands we now have access to online, please don’t forget to pop into all the lovely independent stores around you..

Earlier this summer we worked on branding a little boutique located in Sheffield; Say Paloma –  brimming with ethical, handcrafted & child labour free treasures. Say P founder, Maria, has created a beautiful in-store experience and we know that there will be many other small stores scattered around the country that are also offering unique and lovely pieces that would make the perfect gift for someone.

So there you have it – a small but surely successful list of some unique gift ideas this Christmas. We have loved watching the creation and growth of these brands from the very beginning of their journey, and so we would love to hear of any other incredible small independent brands that you would recommend, too.

We hope to be back here next year sharing with you all our projects of 2019…

Happy gifting!