So it seems that updating our blog fell a little off our radar this side of the new year. Don’t worry though – we are back with a total vengeance of three posts in one week! To say that we don’t do things in moderation would be a slight understatement…

Back in January, as with any New Year – it brought new resolutions for us. Having already moved across from Ibiza to Barcelona in October, myself and Emily were both in union with our main resolution for 2019 – explore more of the globe. Thankfully we have some incredible clients from all over the world that means that it actually makes sense for us to do this.

One of the incredible brands that we have connected with this year is luxury fashion brand Milaner. They offer something which instantly struck a chord with us – they connect talented artisans directly to consumers, who may not have been able to afford something such high quality from other brands before. When we first spoke to them we knew it would be a dream pairing. They too travel all around Europe, meeting with the most talented craftspeople – who have been perfecting their trade over centuries as part of their family run businesses. They don’t compromise on quality – and certainly not on beauty. We were lucky enough to be able to visit the workshop of Francesco & Elena Filomeni in Le Marche, where we captured the incredible process behind the production of their pieces;

The artisans behind these incredible pieces embody a true entrepreneurial spirit. In a tech-heavy world, we still need the power of human relationships, the ability to be real and raw, and find commonality through shared stories of experience. Technology should deepen this connection, not distance from it. It should enable us to see the faces and learn the names of those whose products we buy from.

Elisa and Serena, Milaner’s lovely female founders, grew up in the heart of one of the largest luxury manufacturing districts in Italy which gave them the knowledge and understanding to build these connections – and share with the rest of the world. As part of our partnership we were asked to attend one of their incredible factories, so that we could understand and document the process and see where the magic was made. So, on our 9th flight of the year so far, we took to Florence. (The factory was actually located out in Le Marche – but of course we had to make a small detour to celebrate Emily’s birthday – which was filled with Prosecco, pasta, gelato, and…yep…more pasta). If you want to read a little more about how dreamy the weekend was and the fun, flower, piano filled activities that we participated in, take a read of our latest post here.

From Florence, we rode the train to Rome. We stayed in the most incredible apartment called Casa Cau. Not only was it the apartment of dreams – with interesting art deco interiors, oversized windows and open plan, but it was located a stones throw from the Trevi Fountain. Not to mention the warm pastries that they delivered to our door every morning. The location meant that we felt in the heart of the city. We were also able to maximise on our photography by beating the early birds who descended on the tourist hotspots at the crack of dawn.

Our trip was focused around shooting gorgeous Milaner pieces against the most picturesque backdrops that we had ever shot.

We chose Italian coffee shops, quintessential Italian streets lined with pizzerias, and of course, some of the most famous landmarks in the world.

We also made the effort to wander – and to stumble down the cobbled streets and fall upon places that we otherwise wouldn’t have.

In doing this we found the most incredible hotel with it’s very own rooftop. If you know us by now, then you will know that most of our trips involve these. We are firm believers that the best way to view a city, is from above (with a chilled glass of vino – when in Rome, right?).