There’s something very romantic about knowing that someone has taken the time to write a hand-written letter for you, attached a stamp and taken it to the post box. So for our 2021 festive competition, we created briefs to celebrate this dying art form and dream up nostalgic creations

A very special thank you goes to all those who sent their artwork, we were overwhelmed by the submissions and the imagination shown in each creation.

Winning Design Entry

Belén Navarro


For those that daringly walk the unbeaten path and believe in magic.

Belén Navarro imagined a network of proud peculiar humans, with unique stories and wild dreams connecting with one another through the love of their craft and the art of hand written letters.

​”Feeling home” doesn’t always come easy, especially in the Holiday Season. As such, I envisioned this time feeling a bit warmer by waiting to receive that letter from another peculiar human that may be feeling just like you. Sharing stories and magic while the snow falls outside is the best recipe I know to invite the light in.

Winning Production Entry

Elisabeth Staak


“Dear Lover”: A tribute to letter writing and long-distance relationships. Elisabeth directed and shot a wonderful 40second film to capture the romance of correspondence.

Design Runners Up

Laura Patrick


Peace on Earth

“My design takes the symbolic nature of the pigeon, well known for carrying letters but sketched in a modern and organic way as if done by hand. The message “peace on earth” and the pigeon seemed appropriate in an environmental context this year given the flux of our planet and the desire for peace in such an uncertain world.”

Aylin Arabaci

@Aylin Baci

I Need a Miracle

“A vintage inspired post stamp devoted to Venus. The Goddess of Love is embedded in festive ornaments and decor. The words ‘Ad Amorem’ meaning ‘To/ Towards love’ shall be integrated to indicate that the letter is meant to connect two lovers no matter how far the distance.”


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