We have been thinking a lot recently about how much we document our day to day lives. As creatives, our work is our passion, which means that even when we are not out and about shooting for clients, we always find ourselves gravitating to our cameras in our spare time too…

The reality is – we do it because we love it. We snap, we edit, and we upload, more often than not, just to our own Instagram stories. 24 hours and it’s gone though, right? Unless you’re adding to your highlights (we’ve kind of fallen foul of not doing this recently) then all of your beautiful memories fade into a post- 24hour black hole. Which is something that we do not feel happy about…

So we have vowed from this week forward to share a weekly photo diary with you, documenting all areas of what we get up to throughout the past week. We are giving you exclusive access to everything from our perspective, covering all areas of architecture, coffee stops (there will be a lot of these), meetings, home tours, photo shoots, the stresses, the wine stops (almost as many as coffee stops), restaurants, work projects…and just general exploring.

This is very much going to be a visual diary where we plan to tone the chatting down a little (for once). So, with no further ado, here are our highlights of the past week…our second week in the city of Barcelona.

Park Ciutadella

One of the most idyllic places in Barcelona. It is a green oasis full of monuments, a lake, a greenhouse, and even a zoological museum. It is the most tranquil spot to relax, workout, or have a picnic (we went for the latter, of course!).

Streets of Barcelona

Barcelona is famous for its architecture, and being home to some of the most iconic buildings in the world, we knew that we wouldn’t be short of street shots.

Being able to wander through the city and glance up to see the intricacy of the balconies and windows is something that we don’t think we will ever tire of…


Cecconi’s is a modern-day classic Italian restaurant with an interior that will make you feel like you’ve gone back in time.

Re-living Old Memories

Five years ago Emily lived in Barcelona for a few months, and when I came to visit here this is one of the first coffee stops she took me to. Of course, we had to revisit the spot to reminisce. Located in Plaça Reial, looking out into the square, it is the perfect place to sit and sip a coffee. There is also an old school photo booth in their underground bar which is definitely something to check out!

A Moët Bath

We knew we were going to love living in Barcelona when one of the first bars that we walked into after landing sold baby bottles of Moët presented in a little bathtub of ice with a side bowl of popcorn. Operation find Instagrammable watering hole: completed.

A New Home

After living inside a castle in Ibiza we were not sure we could top it, but we have.

Our new apartment has sky-high ceilings, exposed brick and the cutest little Spanish balcony, which is something we have always dreamt of. Full home tour coming soon!

See you on next weeks round-up!