The home of natural comfort, Piglet in Bed provides an effortless and comfortable collection of homeware and loungewear. Through considered staging, photography, and film we captured the beauty and stillness of lazy coffee mornings amongst linens.

Here we share some of our intimately curated moments in our Barcelona studio for Piglet in Bed’s Spring 2021 campaign.

The studio hosts towering ceilings met with an intricately detailed architrave. A blank canvas that wouldn’t be out of place in a Parisian loft. The floor-to-ceiling windows lined with wooden shutters, open up to allow streaming light into the space, making for endless shadowplay possibilities.

Minimal styling was used to mirror the brand ethos of simplicity and the enjoyment of life’s natural elements. To draw on beautiful but attainable scenarios, we added books, art, and coffee, translating the intent of the collection; slowness.

We used motion to reflect a true pace of life and to showcase the product in use. A simple backdrop and soft staging allowed for the textures of the fabrics to lead as the focal point.

The feeling of a human effortlessly brought the scene to life, offering a true reflection of how the pieces would fit effortlessly into homes by offering an emotional connection.

Mood Film

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