Happy little Easter from team Stories!

The arrival of spring always brings an air of freshness. We may have been a little vacant from our blog this side of the new year due to crazy schedules and trips – but we thought this was a better time than any to talk to you all! So…we are kicking things back off with one of our favourite shoots to date.

In Italy, Easter Monday is called ‘Pasquetta’ (Little Easter) or Lunedì dell’Angelo (Angel’s Monday). Italians traditionally spend Easter Monday enjoying outdoor picnics with friends, to celebrate the beginning of Spring.

We created a series of images for our wonderful client Berlucchi, carefully curating multiple scenes to capture the magic of easter Monday.

“Ask any older Italian, or Italian-American, what their best memory of life as a child is and they will almost without exception talk about Easter Monday picnics.  It was – and still is – one of the year’s best Easter treats for kids and adults alike”.

Since the corking of their first bottles in 1961, Berlucchi have paved the way for a new generation of Italian sparkling wine. The company ethos; to realise new achievements, one must have faith in one’s dreams and work hard to bring them to fruition, treasuring the lessons from the past, but gazing fearlessly towards the future.

‘Today, Guido Berlucchi is a family-run producer deeply rooted in its ancestral growing area and at the same time an ambassador of Franciacorta and Made in Italy to the rest of the world. This is demonstrated by its presence at extraordinary festive occasions – to mention just one, as the official wine for the Oscar won by La Grande Bellezza as Best Foreign Film.”

There’s a saying in Italy; “Natale con i tuoi. Pasqua con chi vuoi.” In English it translates to; “Christmas with your family. Easter with whoever you want.”

Of course, occasions like these should be spent with the closest people to you, so as business partners, (and most importantly) best friends – we were so happy to be able to spend it together, in a place that we love, doing the things that we love.

We hope you had a lovely long weekend, whatever you got up to.

White bag is the mini Satchel spring edition by Milaner.