Here at Stories Studio, we are lucky enough to have worked with some pretty special ladies already this year, in fact, most of our clients to date have actually been badass female founders.

We wanted to celebrate the amazing ladies that we have been working closely with – those that make our dreams become a reality, because let’s face it, we couldn’t do any of this without you guys. This post is going to be the first of many, but to kick things off, we are shouting out to Navy & Navy Creative, and it’s female founder the lovely Amy.

Amy was in fact stories first client, when stories wasn’t even stories yet, it was more of a ‘start your own design agency’ dream, scribbled and circled on a piece of paper back in January. Amy was also looking to go solo, and after being Instagram friends for a while, she reached out for branding for her new PR agency that was about to take the leap from LA to LONDON.

We met over a couple of cocktails and bounced ideas back and forth, chatting about our new career paths and dreams for the future. We then met more seriously for a coffee the following week, swapping the martinis, for mood boards.

Although initially (and naively), I had sat across from Amy and asked her what it actually meant to work in PR, Amy couldn’t have explained it any better – her knowledge in the industry really is second to none. So for those of you readers who might not be as clued up as me – PR is a communications strategy, one that will get you seen by the people that you need to be seen by. Kind of important for a startup, right?  PR is essentially understanding the target audience of a company or products and being able to professionally build credibility for them. For example, if you were a hot new restaurant in London, you might want to be featured in a publication that is shouting out the hottest new spots….enter Amy!

We worked alongside Amy to establish the look and feel of her new PR agency. We were briefed by Amy to create a non-gender specific, relatable, modern and clean brand. We worked through colour palettes, logo creation and now partner on digital asset formation. Our strong relationship has brought us together as agencies, now able to offer clients the best of both services. N&NC and Stories Studio can provide a one-stop shop for PR, Social Media and Branding.

We of all people know, that launching a brand, or a product, is not always a one person job. We see the value in a team effort and that’s why we are so glad to partner with amazing people like Amy, so they can offer their expertise in areas that we don’t necessarily cover.

When you hand good people possibility, they do great things.

Photography by stories studio.

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