When your passions and skills align so closely, you enter a world where the lines of work and personal life become an inseparable blur.  We have learned to celebrate this marriage of passion and purpose, rather than compartmentalise.  

Loosely constructed, excitable thoughts over wine-fueled, candlelit dinners are usually the catalyst for our upcoming adventures and business plans (let’s face it, they are usually one of the same thing). Our Christmas party, which we naturally decided to brand a “seasonal soiree”, was no exception. 

Barcelona, 2am, (Great Gatsby playing in the background) four nights before our departure to London for a meeting crammed week & quarterly team day. 

‘shall we have a Christmas party?’ quickly escalated into a very last-minute, but lavish affair nonetheless. 

One “unique London venue” Google search and multiple crates of Prosecco ordered later and we were all set for our first-ever event! Upon discovery of a very special space, housing up to 50 provided us with the perfect opportunity to extend the invitation to our London based clientele.

Centrally located in Soho, this decadent little space was the perfect fit for an evening full of celebrations. Featuring embossed wall coverings, fabric draped ceilings and a plush day bed (because well, what’s a party without one?)

We dressed the room with seasonal bouquets from our wonderful client Floetica and laid on a spread of house-crafted cocktails in crystal decanters and an endless supply of bubbles accompanied by a savoury & sweets selection.

Celebrations have naturally become a central pillar of our company ethos, from exciting enquiries, happy clients, to the rare finish early Fridays, the act of celebration will remain to be, interwoven into Stories. 

‘Celebration is an active state, an act of expressing excitement or appreciation. To Celebrate is a confrontation, giving attention to the transcendent meaning of one’s actions’ 

Abraham Joshua Heschel

During the event, we played a short film which we created as a celebration of the launch of our new website – a space which we have crafted to hold all of the wonderful stories told this year. 

Not only do we hope our digital home acts as a showcase of our work but on a wider level, we aim for this corner of the internet to inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more.

It is with that notion of furthering our impact that we wish to enter the new year with new ambitions.  We want to widen our reach and forge more real life connections via the integration of quarterly soirées & publications,  marking the beginning of each season through a celebration of art, design and culture.  

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Lots of love Emily & Melissa