We embarked on our little Portuguese journey in search of some inspiration, and if we’re being honest – refuge from the frighteningly grey, cold and wet English weather. Our trip began in Porto, and what a fabulous choice that was. Portugal’s quant northern jewel is an untouched beauty.

Standing tall as if nothing has changed for hundreds of years. But, down those cobbled streets and through those ancient doors you’ll find the trendiest indie cafes, bars and restaurants. We both agreed we had the best food of our whole trip there, and the vinho verde – that’s not to be missed. We felt it would be quite unfair of us not to share the places we worked, ate and drank whilst in the dreamy town of Porto. So, from us to you, here’s a delightful little Porto city guide. Words by Amanda and Photo’s by Emily.

Torel Avantgarde

No sooner had we arrived at our very regal Porto Airbnb, we headed out to get our bearings. As we followed the narrow cobbled streets, our curiosity for the history and culture of the quant town grew with every step. By chance we happened upon the brand new, Torel Avantgarde hotel. The first of our senses to be enticed inside – smell, as an opulent woody scent escaped through the easily missed entrance. We took a quick peak inside, which lasted approximately 2 hours… Any bar with a flower wall, herb ceiling and balcony with an idyllic view deserves your time and attention. When we return to Porto, this will definitely be on our list of places to stay, add it to yours too – even if only for a drink.

Café Majestic

Thanks to Porto’s vibrant coffee scene, we had plenty of inspiring spaces to work. Although we didn’t work from Café Majestic, we did pay it a visit – the rumours are true, their special French toast is life changing. First opened in 1921, Café Majestic is the oldest café in Porto. The elegant four walls tell many stories, and stand true their original features. It is definitely a place to visit, and when you do, take a moment to imagine how it once would have been. It’s easy to picture with all the beautiful old features, and the doorman is a nice touch!

Espaco Porto Cruz

Anyone else have an ongoing love affair with rooftop bars? There’s just something quite perfect about being up high and enjoying a cold glass of rosé. Espaco offers one of the best views in Porto, as it’s on the other side of the bridge so you get to look back on Porto and admire its beauty. As always our drinking, working and eating spots were carefully planned around our content creating mission and Espaco delivered. 

Cantina 32

Almost have no words to describe how incredible this unique restaurant was. We went with the intention of having a working lunch, to find it was more of a restaurant than a café. The décor kept us and the food made us very grateful to have stayed. If you are a foodie and appreciate a more than pleasing aesthetic, then this place is for you. It’s a five out of five from us.

Puro 4050

Cantina 32 was so great we stayed in the area and went to its sister restaurant Puro 4050 for dinner. Both were equally as fantastic, but we both agreed that from the whole trip Puro 4050 wins.

Claus Porto

We fell in love with Claus Porto’s story. Claus Porto specialises in artisanal soaps, skincare and fragrance. Their products are handcrafted using the age-old blending techniques that have earned them a rich history that spans over 130 years! Their store also has a little museum upstairs where you can learn all about their brand story – we were in awe, such a wonderful way to experience a new brand. The packaging is second to none and served as the perfect inspiration for a beauty brand we are currently rebranding. We walked away with a bag each, because beautiful brands deserve a place in your life not just your memory.

Combi Coffee

We made a last-minute dash for coffee here on our last day, all in the name of content. If you head to our About page you will see the photo we took. Combi started a few years ago as a little coffee van, and due to popularity became bricks and mortar too. This was one of the friendliest cafes we ventured to and the coffee was great – they actually make their own! Pastries were divine and it was plug socket galore in there, so perfect for working remotely.

Sao Bento

Just when we thought we had reached our limit of being wowed by the beautifully tiled streets, walls, doors and floors of Porto, we went to Sao Bento station. It is stunning, the attention to detail is quite enchanting and it was the perfect place to end our thoroughly enjoyable stay in Porto. From Sao Bento we caught the train to Lisbon, it was a really easy journey and one we’d happily make again.