White Night derives from “Nuit Blanche” meaning “A sleepless night” in french. White Night offers an exclusive and unique, post night-out natural recovery sanctuary. The high-end hangover clinic will establish a flagship location in Soho, London and continue to offer pop-ups in further stylish destinations. Inspired by the natural remedies pioneered by American Indian’s to combat their fervent celebrations, Founder Sarah Leo took forward her fascination with the ancient practice to create her own contemporary interpretation.

Creating an identity for White Night meant fusing elements of light and dark–a beautiful contrast of the sun and the moon. Weaving character throughout the branding, we developed a style that took inspiration from vintage health records and introduced an earthy influence with textures and a palette that exude warmth. A confident, honest and powerful belief in the synergy of wild nights and peaceful mornings is present within the brand aesthetic, messaging and tone of voice.

We took a minimalistic approach to the typographic elements in order to create an informative and calming delivery. Drawing attention to the health benefits in an engaging and authoritative way required clarity and a gentle tone.

Our vision was to construct a brand that offered substance and style, in that order – providing a visually and tonally beautiful experience for a scientifically recognised health service. This clean yet artistic vision aims to mirror the zen rooted in White Night and the purity of each experience.

The quiet moments of self-care in the morning-after provide a calming balance to the passionate celebrations of the previous night. For the flagship sanctuary in Soho, we wanted to evoke the feeling of an oasis in the centre of London. A neutral colour palette acts as a warm canvas for illustrations which capture the energy of party-goers and healers.

The collection of elements fit together in harmony, creating a serene, restorative space where the brand can exist fully. The amazon bar will stock beautifully pressed juices while resting pods allow time to rest and recover.

In addition to the sanctuary and pop-ups, White Night offers an extension of their service in the form of a take-home Recovery Kit. With a focus on designing something that could be stylishly displayed at home instead of kept in a drawer, we sought to create a sleek and sophisticated box that clients would want to exhibit on their shelves.

Moving in synergy with the clientele, White Night will be seen thriving amongst the wild scenes of world-renowned party destinations. Under the sun in Mexico and summers spent on the Mediterranean coast establish the ultimate location for a White Night Recovery Tipi where hydration is the perfect remedy. Contemporary posters promote the style and services of White Night, hinting at their cool and exclusive recovery secrets.