Welcome to The House Of Bohème- a sanctuary for the mind, body and home. Founded by Joesphine Benning The House of Bohème is a holistic destination for beautiful interior pieces as well as workshops that inspiring your creativity, healing and breathwork. After a lifetime of travelling and moving from city to city, Jo understood the need for creating a sanctuary, a go-to place to reconnect with yourself, wherever in the world you may be. Our approach was to embody this mentality in the identity, digital home and social landscape, cultivating a brand that welcomes you in with instant warmth and calm.

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Morocco is one of the places that deeply inspired the brand, the warm and earthy tones of the landscapes and buildings. We’ve reflected this in our choice of a colour palette, opting for accents of fresh green evoking feels of growth and renewal. We’ve paired this with an uplifting and energetic orange. To establish a visual balance between the vibrancy of the accent see have used a neutral base with warm undertones.

As a mindful brand, The House of Bohème was designed with sustainability in mind. When thinking about product packaging we opted for amber glass, paper labels and kraft boxes. The challenge was to elevate these basic materials in a way that didn’t counteract their sustainability but still gave the customer a beautiful experience.

We have developed a series of simplistic illustrations to reflect each of the core brand pillars; the mind, body and home. We then developed these into motion elements. An act to make us mindful that we live in a state of flux and that we are on a journey to creating our own sanctuaries.

“Your outer world is a reflection of your inner world”

When developing the website we wanted to create a digital sanctuary, a space to browse, read articles and feel inspired. We opted for a full-width design so that the content has lots of space to breath. Each element loads slowly to create a calming pace, allowing users to browse mindfully. We developed several bespoke templates, using interchangeable content types so that each page is constructed in a way that tells the story of the product. A feature that allows the House of Bohème’s online platform to be a seamless extension of the brand.