Shaking up the party in a charming yet off-piste fashion, Roameo Music is a premium musical entertainment brand that specialises in delivering the perfect soundtrack for any occasion. From London rooftops to Tuscan villas and everywhere in between, Roameo’s wireless technology provides live music without restriction.

Extravagant and wild at heart, Romeo stand amongst the party people of the world. Our challenge was to develop an identity that reflected this untameable spirit of the brand, whilst also instilling the premium service they represent. 

We envisioned an identity that would elevate Roameo within the upper echelon of luxury party planning and brand experience, whilst also celebrating the unpredictable and raucous nature of the musicians they work with.

The Roameo logotype commands clarity and confidence – it is the centre of the party. The serif flourishes add an element of glamour and allure, whilst the off-set ‘O’ hints at their rebellious undercurrent. The deep shade of navy, so dark that it’s almost black, creates a luxury feel when printed onto tactile, uncoated G.F Smith Colourplan.

Capturing the spirit of opulence and excess, the brand uses elements inspired by bygone party hey-days. Images from the 1970’s evoke feelings of nostalgia from days of studio 54- a time where the parties were too wild to sustain and ultimately, too over-the-top to believe.

Packed to the brim with videos, live music clips and galleries, we aimed to capture the kinetic energy and effortless style of a Roameo Music event and distil it all into one website.

Collaborating closely with the Roameo Music team, Stories Studio developed a number of bespoke templates, using interchangeable content types that allowed each page to be constructed in an engaging and creative way.

Our commitment to creating an immersive experience regardless of the device used meant that we paid special attention to the mobile site including a mobile specific menu and a number of mobile specific layouts.

Pineapples and palms have long been a symbol of luxury, with pineapples often featuring as the centrepiece of parties as a display of wealth. Naturally, a whimsical tropical motif finds itself proving the perfect element to complement the rest of the brand’s identity.

As always we presented a range of concepts for consideration, watch the explorative process below.