Each Purnima blend has been expertly refined to be a pure and timeless expression of its essence. Each fragrance carries with it a sense of clarity and confidence. The scents aren’t mysterious, they’re established. They don’t ask to be analysed, and they don’t distract or oversaturate. Instead, Purnima candles lend a delicate and definable depth to the room, and hold space for you to simply be.

Purnima looked to Stories to create an elegant brand identity, website and route to market strategy. From designing the candle labels and packaging to producing content, we also designed and developed the Purnima e-commerce website. Overall we created a visual identity and online presence that feels delicate yet definable.

      • We are utterly stunned with delight. It’s beyond anything we ever imagined - your talent isn’t from this world

        • Heather and Isabel

      • I came across Stories Studio on Instagram, I loved the look of what they were doing, the brands that they had aligned themselves with and the work they had created. I thought I would find it difficult to hand over my idea to someone else to bring it to life, but it was the best decision choosing this team to do that.

        Everything Stories Studio has worked on for my brand has been totally considered, carefully thought out, and really beautiful. They are so much more than a typical agency, bringing together perfectly my vision in design, photography and complete branding. I am so proud to be able to show people what my brand will look like, and that's a truly rewarding feeling.

        It can also be an emotional or lonely place starting up a company by yourself and so to be able to have like-minded women helping you navigate your thoughts on the brand you're all building is also incredible. I'm very grateful to the whole team.

        • Georgie Le Roux

      • I met stories studio when we were both getting started with our own ventures. From our first chat, we knew there was special chemistry and we knew we could help each other grow our businesses as partners. They cared for MILANER as if it was their own, and I’ll be forever grateful for the incredible ride we've together.

        • Elisa Rossi

      • Thank you for being such an amazing partner, for the fast turnaround and for making this all happen!

        • Roman Khan & Jennifer Chong