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Ponderlily create beautiful, ethical planners to capture the subtleties in everyday life. Their products place connectedness at the core of everything they do. Ponderlily asks that we, busy souls, make space for meaning and, Carina, Founder at Ponderlily provides the perfect example of how to do just that. With a full time job, gorgeous twin girls and her startup stationary business, finding balance is a task in itself. Carina has designed Ponderlily’s planners to cater for the busy, the time starved and the inspired to ensure they order their thoughts and schedule in that all too easily forgotten, ‘me time’.

As with all our clients, we like to trial their products first hand to immerse ourself in their brand, whilst gaining a deep understanding of how we can coherently, and effectively narrate their story. As a team our Ponderlily planners have helped us individually in a multitude of ways. We have regained control over our lives and our diaries. Making time to read the books that have been longing for our attention, scheduling in those very overdue nail appointments and prioritising early morning exercise over emails. And, the best part? We have learnt to do each of these things guilt free. Which, as business owners is a hard mindset to overcome.

We work with Ponderlily to inspire others to take time to self-care, self-heal and self-love. From content creation to influencer outreach we have created an Instagram feed that reflects Ponderlily’s ethos and ensures their brand values echo throughout all aspects.

Each new month in Ponderlily’s planners start with a quote, we use this as the inspiration for our monthly styled shoots. Emily Cox

Collaborating with lifestyle, interior and beauty influencers has not only accelerated Ponderlily’s growth but provided some great testimonials. It is clear to see that Ponderlily’s products have a positive affect on people’s day-to-day, which for us, is precisely what makes being their brand partner so rewarding.

Choosing to work with Stories Studio has been a great decision for our business so far. Emily’s has taken the vision I have held for Ponderlily in my heart and translated it into a story that we could visually communicate to our customers. We have built a community who we love engaging with and our customers have become more than simply people who buy our products. We are so proud of how our brand has evolved and we have Stories Studio to thank for this.

Carina, Founder of Ponderlily