Our work with Milaner is first and foremost, a true personal experience for us. It was one of our first clients to whom we developed an integral solution with our services which turned us into not only brand specialists & photographers but also into product designers. Needless to say, a strong working relationship was forged which also included the perks of a warm friendship and countless trips to Italy.

Milaner, like many of our clients, was founded by two incredible ladies; Serena and Elisa, who grew up in the heart of one of the largest luxury manufacturing districts in Italy. Milaner sells a curated selection of clothing and accessories produced by the same artisans that make products for luxury names such as Dolce & Gabbana, Bottega Veneta and Hermes.

Most recently we were tasked to redesign the graphic identity respecting its essence, tradition and original attributes, realised in a more modern and current context. We breathed new life into this cherished brand, whilst keeping the aesthetic classic and elevating its legacy. An initial overhaul of the entire brand experience enabled us to recreate the way that customers interact with the brand.

Analysing every touchpoint, we worked closely with Milaner to pave the way for the brand to connect with their audience.

Italy is a country renowned for excellence and the “Made In Italy” trademark indicates mastery in the fields of design, fashion, food and manufacturing.Italian craftsmen, in fact, have long produced some of the world’s most coveted items – such as leather jackets and handbags, suede moccasins, silk scarves and more – combining carefully honed skills and akeen sense of taste with a timeless design that renders Italian products distinctive, elegant and highly sought-after.

Traditionally,Italy’s locally-crafted items haven’t always found their way from the small-town workshops to the international market but thanks to MILANER, things are changing.

“What distinguishes our brand is this philosophy of human-to-human luxury: we shine a light on the stories and the traditions that are behind each product, By seeing their faces and learning about their history, shopping becomes less about consumerism and more about human connection.”

Elisa, Founder

The artisans are an integral part of Milaners branding and are featured prominently on the website, with images and videos that introduce them to their customers. “In the past, they were behind-the-scenes but now they can speak directly with the public.”

Through our deep understanding of the brand and design expertise, we were also able to design Milaners Digital experience.

Product design.

Our natural affinity to fashion and close client relationship gave us the opportunity to not only work on the branding but to start designing Milaner’s pieces.

This Limited Edition Fawn Crossbody purse was designed by us on behalf of Pretty Little Fawn’s, Courtney Halverson in Los Angeles, and was conceived using the finest materials. A winter edition in the Finest calfskin leather with crocodile embossing and features yellow gold brass accents and a Summer edition Made from 100% Italian Nappaleather and woven raffia· Features adjustable and removable shoulder strap.

Produced by Gabriele Di Nardo Di Maio and his wife Amalia started Nadir in 1979. Year after year they built a versatile and expert team of master leather artisans who have collaborated with the biggest names in the luxury industry, specializing in every aspect of handbag making. Their rigorous approach to quality standards has paid off.

This is a long-term partnership with artistry at its very heart. Through the creation of considered campaigns and stunning visuals – we bring products to life through insider access and never- told-before stories.