Milaner, like many of our clients, was founded by two incredible ladies; Serena and Elisa, who grew up in the heart of one of the largest luxury manufacturing districts in Italy. They scour Europe to meet with talented artisans who have spent their whole lives mastering a specific craft. As a result, their collections are made of iconic essentials of unsurpassed quality and beauty.

Beauty lies in the shaping of each product by hand. Communicating passion, energy and the serenity of the skilful workshops and artisans – Milaner had an incredible story to tell, and we wanted to help bring that to life.

Product design.

This Limited Edition Fawn Crossbody purse was designed by us on behalf of Pretty Little Fawn’s,  Courtney Halverson in Los Angeles, and was conceived using the finest materials. This handbag is made from the finest calfskin leather with crocodile embossing and features yellow gold brass accents.

The Audrey Leighton x MILANER Silk Scarf was designed carefully to achieve a vintage, sophisticated look. Woven in Como, Italy with 100% pure silk and featuring Audrey Leighton’s own custom design, this large scarf can be worn in countless ways. Tie back your hair for an instant outfit detail, wear it around your neck to polish off your look, or tie it around one of our handwoven purses for a playful pop of texture.

An initial overhaul of the entire brand experience enabled us to recreate the way that customers interact with the brand. Analysing every touchpoint, we worked closely with Milaner to pave the way for the brand to connect with their audience. This is a long-term partnership with artistry at its very heart. Through the creation of considered campaigns and stunning visuals – we bring products to life through insider access and never- told-before stories.

We have an ongoing creative partnership whereby we carefully create campaign strategies for new product releases. Capturing artful imagery and film, we document the process to tell the story – this is not just something that you see, it’s something that you feel.

Through our deep understanding of the brand and design expertise, we were also able to collaborate on our very own collection with Milaner, where we designed and curated our own range of headscarves.

We take the time to travel and build important relationships face-to-face with the talented artisans who bring Milaner’s goods to life, meaning that the true art of their craft can be captured and it’s essence shared with the rest of the world.

To capture the true romance of one of their bestselling masterpieces, motion was undoubtedly the best opportunity, and so came together our video production filled with character, expertise and Italian charm.