Our core mission was to elevate Me & Orla and the experience of online authenticity into the realms of the exceptional. We defined a visual language for our client to run as a continuous thread throughout, with the website as a digital home for a well-curated collection of educational resources.

Holding a calm and authentic presence online, Me & Orla is dedicated to helping other creatives explore their voice. Inspiring the curation of an online toolkit to help enable brilliance, change and progression, Me & Orla possesses the nature to encourage dreamers to place no limit on the journey of learning and development. Offering expertise and insight into success online, Me & Orla hosts a wealth of experience through multiple channels, from educational classes to advice sent straight to your email inbox. As a social media educator, Me & Orla pours passion into her soulful community.

Our client’s educational courses offer an inspiring and immersive experience something that we wanted to emulate within the web design. The use of uppercase typography is central in this vision creating bold and expressive landing pages that ask the user to scroll further. Whilst thin and minimal lines create modern grid systems that help organise the information methodically.

Whilst mobile may provide the user with a smaller canvas to view the site, we focused our attention on making sure that the experience on mobile remained just as engaging and as seamless as on desktop. With the website being information-heavy, we understood the importance of getting the mobile architecture right. We used a content-first approach without losing too much of the editorial feel.

The pastel colour blocking act as a canvas for elegant and decisive editorial layouts, a consistent and reliable foundation for a mature approach to this fresh brand aesthetic. The interplay of unassuming and proud, the conviviality and sophistication create a whole and inspiring aesthetic for this home of modern business expertise.