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With a wandering heart and adventurous feet, Amy founder of Laith and Leila found herself packing her bags and buying a one way ticket from London to Marrakech at the tender age of 16. Morocco for Amy was an exotic melting pot of influences, cultures, art and inspiration – for some unknown reason, it felt like home. Less than a week of living in the charming city, her path crossed with the kindred soul, Badr and the two have been inseparable ever since.

In 2014, under the sweltering heat, smell of sandalwood filled the air, a view of blue skies and palm trees, the lovers launched their first ever curated collection of bespoke Moroccan homewares. The mission from the start was to stay authentic to Moroccan traditions and stay true to the culture.

The pair work first hand with skilled artisans and berber women who share a passion for design and quality. . Sitting cross legged, glasses of mint tea in hand, hours are spent searching for rugs with the most magical story.

Today, still inspired by the desert landscape, nomadic tribes and faraway places – the design journey continues. With stockists and retailors worldwide from Australia, United States,Canada, Europe and United Kingdom – Amy and Badr’s love for Moroccan design has gone further than they could have ever imagined.

Inspired by the desert landscape, berber tribes, saharan palette of sand dunes, rust copper, golden ochres, terracotta and dusky peaches – this collection is for the barefoot nomadic soul. Earthy tones to compliment any style home, sumptuous fabrics and textures, beautiful local craftsmanship and unique berber symbols weaved throughout the collection.

Photography by Daisy Sophia.