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Hattingley Valley Wines

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Hattingley Valley produce award winning Sparkling Wines made in Hampshire, South England. Situated in quintessentially English countryside, Hattingley are the first UK winery to use solar power. Using traditional methods from fermenting in oak barrels to ageing on lees in stainless steel tanks, they have created a taste sensation.

We worked with Hattingley to create content for their various social media platforms and website. We believe a lifestyle brand goes beyond offering a product or a service, they must connect with their audience through thoughtful and intentional content, staying clear of that all too familiar sales spiel. Through beautiful on brand content, brands have the opportunity to entertain, inspire and educate all whilst nurturing their community.

We created the following styles for Hattingley Valley, to show how their elegant sparkling rose could be the perfect ingredient for those weekend cocktails.

We are SO captivated by the elegance and beauty in the photography. Emily has a natural eye to create the perfect scene to showcase a luxury brand in a subtle yet striking way.

Rebecca Fisher Marketing & Events Manager Hattingley Valley Wines Limited