Findda is an online interior design platform that bridges the gap between the traditional interior design service and modern life. Findda provides accessible interiors that elevate everyday living.  Findda bridges this gap offering affordable and innovative services focusing greatly on sustainability and personal touches. The name FINDDA derives from FINDING something, making Findda a go-to for finding those extra special items for your home.

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Findda’s brand identity marries considered interior design and visual identity. We have developed the narrative of Findda “Finds” focusing on how Finnda could position themselves as supplying collections and bundles of curated products they have sourced. Whilst photography takes centre stage, to highlight Finnda’s work the products are noted and numbered. An element used to reference traditional catalogue format in a digital space.

For inspiration, we looked to the Swiss Style: legibility through minimalism. The aim is to suppress subjectivity to emphasise on Findda’s content and designs. Throughout the identity, we use large scale clean typography, generous white space and an underlying structured grid system. Each item is given space to breathe, we use motion here to again reflect the traditional catalogue format, each change of frame is like turning over a new page, revealing a new product.

A minimal and modern approach has been taken to create a custom logotype. Letterforms have a soft, curved edge. It’s casual. Whilst the f is contrasted and calligraphic in its a form to reflect the precision of architecture and interior. A curated selection of forms that piece together, in the same way, pieces are specially selected by FINDDA

In true Findda style, we wanted to make sure the packaging is sustainable. We have designed simple yet aesthetically pleasing kraft boxes. Placing the logo at the bottom also means there is plenty of room at the top for shipping labels without obscuring the logo. The use of sustainable materials continues throughout the packaging experience using fabric remnants and linens to package the bedding and textile collections.

To signify the end of the project and give clients something lovely they can put into their homes each client will receive a candle.We have kept the design very minimal and environmentally friendly focusing on working with kraft but keeping it fresh using white type. The packaging isn’t overly branded to compliment the fact that it will be sitting in a client’s home. As each client’s tastes and spaces will be very different we have chosen a design that will suit most spaces.