Founded by Annie Harrison, Studio Fare is a London based design studio specialising in hospitality design and interiors. Creating spaces that are considered and recognisable. Annie opts for luxurious touches, brought about through deeply textured fabrics and meticulous emphasis on beautiful lighting. She has a sophisticated appreciation of sculpture and form and is guided by her respect for simplicity, design and function. Consequently, each space feels luxuriously effortless.

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We envisioned an identity for Fare that transcends style and time. Celebrating the materials used in Annie’s projects, and her process. We look to Italian designers like Marcel Breuer for inspiration, balancing modernism with the artisan. This identity takes on an earthy palette of greens, charcoals and neutrals, a complimentary and unstated pairing.

We sought to keep the identity image-centric to highlight Annie’s work, applying the logo in emphasised proportions but in a way that doesn’t overpower the imagery. We also defied expectation by changing it’s liner orientation, choosing to place the logo on its side so that the type becomes a vehicle to frame the portfolio imagery.

As with every brief we aim to solve a problem. One area highlighted in the brief was that Annie was always struggling on the tube with samples and pieces of tiles etc… We designed a tote bag so that she can carry these samples to and from meetings in a way that really reflects the brand and creates brand awareness.

The website is an integral hub for Fare. We have created a portfolio style site, allowing Annie to showcase her projects. The homepage is dynamic, with a split-screen showcasing a range of project imagery. To bring focus to the project menu we have played with enlarging the type and added a hover state to bring attention to individual case studies.

We have added the capacity for integrating videos, images and mood boards into the site. Consequently, Annie can showcase her thought process, story and concept behind each project. Additionally, when you hover over each image there is the option to view the image in full screen to see more details. 

The journal section of the site acts as a digital scrapbook for Annie to showcase all the things that currently inspire her. Images, swatches and bits of typography that she collected can be scanned in and added to the page so that it feels tactile and unstructured. Using parallax so that each image loads before the next. It’s a page to get lost in and leave feeling utterly inspired.