Elizabeth Hay is an interior design studio with its roots in Singapore. Elizabeth founded the studio in 2013, with a style she describes as an antidote to beige- Elizabeth Hay is eclectic, bohemian and colourful. Yet she still manages to make her work feel timeless with a traditional edge.

Our brief was to create a brand identity and a digital home for Elizabeth Hay that allows the studio to showcase designs both engagingly and compellingly. As part of the brand identity, design and establish a logo mark and set of brand stationery. To build upon the studio’s online presence, create a video for use on social media and digital platforms.

Elizabeth has carefully built up a network of trusted suppliers and craftsmen to create interiors of a high quality that both she and her clients expect. The unique look of each of her completed projects reflects her wide and global list of suppliers.

Elizabeth loves to create layered interiors using rich schemes with patterns and textures and is passionate about beautiful fabrics and their stories. The fabrics that comprise her library are mostly artisanal from small boutique firms each with their own unique characteristics and techniques, and she knows most of her suppliers personally.

Her true passions are colour and pattern, using these to create interiors that feel like loved homes. Elizabeth has a large collection of antique textiles that she has collected over the years – from the Ivory Coast, The Congo, Japan, India and Uzbekistan to name a few. She loves to incorporate these into her projects whether on an ottoman, headboard, cushion or a throw on a bed or back of a sofa. Antique and vintage textiles add layers and originality to the home, and we love using them in our interiors.

Before relocating to Singapore Elizabeth trained at Colefax and Fowler and was then a senior designer at Veere Grenney Associates (Architectural Digest top 100 global designers) where she project managed highly detailed large scale projects in Mustique, Ibiza, London, Jackson Hole, New York, The Hamptons and various other locations. This extensive travel and well over a decade of working on global projects has given Elizabeth a unique and invaluable bank of design knowledge.