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Since the corking of their first bottles in 1961, Italian brand Berlucchi have paved the way for a new generation of sparkling wine. The company ethos; to realise new achievements, one must have faith in one’s dreams and work hard to bring them to fruition, treasuring the lessons from the past, but gazing fearlessly towards the future.

We worked with Berlucchi to communicate their summer campaign through a series of visuals. Our project aim was to provide emphasis on the experience that came with enjoying wine, rather than solely on it’s contents.

The start of the project was dedicated to research around the brief, with the creative freedom to develop a summer story through consistent and inspiring imagery. The collection was a result of location scouting on the island of Ibiza and carefully curating multiple scenes with an atmospheric vibe, maintaining a clear direction of food and wine pairing, styled picnics, celebration of summer, and details on the bottle,

The campaign was created, captured, and edited ready for use across Berlucchi marketing platforms