“To curate rather than to shop – is a belief I’ve long loved when it comes to our wardrobes as women. To carefully consider and construct the story we’d like our clothes to tell.

…I’ve always said, ‘clothing is poetry in motion’. Good style takes time. And the pieces you deserve to be wearing? Those are hard to find. And so, it was based on these sartorial ideas, I decided to launch Audrey Leighton Vintage, a once-monthly curated collection of vintage treasures..” – Audrey Leighton

A brand is experienced in many ways and should evoke feelings, thoughts and behaviours. We created multiple touchpoints to tell Audrey’s story; a poet, a photographer and a true artist.

We wanted the customers of Audrey Leighton Vintage to experience her talents with every purchase. So we designed an experience to include; a printed a set of polaroids & a mini enveloped letter containing Audrey’s beautiful narrative behind the collection. Signed with a handwritten script to covey the hand-picked nature of each and every piece. We hope these elements will be treasured alongside the outstanding collection.


Inspired by the beautiful city of Paris where Audrey fashioned her personal brand, Stories facilitated the collaboration of Audrey Leighton and Milaner, for the creation of a sophisticated silk scarf – which was timeless,

vintage and elegant.

Designs were developed from the intricate forms seen throughout Parisian architecture, with delicate flourishes observed in elegant high ceilings and ornate French doors constructing the fine details. With the inclusion of dainty and classic polka dots, each element encapsulates Audrey’s artistic visions.

Woven in Como, Italy with 100% pure silk, this scarf is versatile, working effortlessly tied around a treasured handbag. It might just be the perfect feature in Audrey’s passion for gracefully photographing handbags on gorgeous European doors.

With French Renaissance style acquired from the Italians, and baroque detailing throughout European architecture, there is a charming romance surrounding this classic scarf. With Audrey’s style, this inspiration becomes accessible to the modern-day woman and makes for a beautiful addition to her timeless collections.