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Stories Studio, Chapter Two

  • 06.09.2018

by Melissa Harris

Hey guys – Melissa here! You may have seen my face has been popping up here a lot recently, and you may be thinking, how did I get to be here?

Well, here’s how…

So recently I made a very important life-decision by handing in my notice at my previous job, running the marketing for fashion brand Dancing Leopard. So how did I come to be here tapping away on my keyboard for Stories Studio? Stick with me…

This little journey actually all began back in April when I had managed to convince Emily that our next boozy brunch should be done at Manchester airport…right before we catch a plane to move to Ibiza for the following 6 months. Funnily enough, she actually humoured me and obliged (10/10  persuasion from me!) that was probably the moment that I thought; me and this girl are very much in sync with our attitude to life.

So here we are, 5 months later, sat in our little apartment within the castle walls tucked away in Old Town Ibiza (that just so happens to be a world heritage site). We’re sipping rosé, writing our ‘next chapter’ post, and I’m halfway through my first week working alongside Emily on Stories. Neither of us had expected the summer to come to a close the way that it has. In all honesty, I don’t think I had really thought about what would happen at the point of needing to leave the island (maybe it was a subconscious hope that this summer would never end). But the end of summer has presented us with the natural opportunity for change…and we are moving into an incredibly exciting and special season for Stories.

Both me and Emily had heard a lot about Ibiza before we packed our bags and left the UK (we won’t talk about the luggage allowance – still recovering from that bill). Sure, we’d done the usual Instagram geolocation search, excessive amounts of pinning (check out our Pinterest here) and read multiple travel posts about the best places to visit on the island…but I don’t think anything really prepared us for the feeling of pure magic that was about to engulf us. We were back in the UK last December when Emily sent me a picture, it was of an article she had found in Condé Nast:

“In those days, we didn’t come to Ibiza to change our lives. We didn’t know what we were going to do, but we were going to do something different”

And that is exactly what we did – something different. That co-incidentally did change our lives. I’ve joined Emily, looking after all things Social and helping brands to bring their magic to life. I could not feel more excited to get started if I tried!

So as we are moving into September, one month away from leaving this beautiful island behind that we have called home for the last 6 months, we are feeling more inspired and motivated than ever before. We have lot’s of exciting things planned, we have such clarity the direction we are going in, and we cannot wait to share our journey with you guys. Stay tuned over at Stories. Trust us, it’s going to be a good one…